Our services :

We protect your assets.
We provide you with complete confidentiality.
We offer you the opportunity to invest internationally.
We insure your beneficiaries unrestricted access to your estate, exactly as you left it, without any deductions.

In terms of infrastructure, know-how and expertise we strive for premium quality in financial services. Our services are comprehensive, of the highest standard and include:

  • Current and Savings Accounts in all major currencies.
  • Call and Time Deposits in all major currencies.
  • Short Term Instruments: We offer all types of money market instruments, including US Treasury Bills.
  • Foreign Exchange Trading at competitive rates, both spot and forward.
  • Securities Trading: We can execute bonds, stocks, mutual funds which speed and efficiency through our experienced private banking network. Our excellent communications and information system provides us with instant information on more than 100 markets and access to every major financial centre. By virtue of the absence of investment restrictions in various jurisdictions, an extensive range of investments is available.
  • Money Transfers: Our comprehensive international correspondent banking network enables us to move funds quickly and efficiently to and from any destination in the world in all major currencies.
  • Discretionary Investment Management: For investors who are looking for tax-free returns and who put great emphasis on risk management our highly professional team provides expert advice.
  • Investment Counselling: General advisory services with respect to investment strategies and buy/sell recommendations.

Notice: To take full advantage of our financial services, your account would have assets of at least US$ 100,000.

  • We specialize in setting-up and administering compagnies

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us to receive more details.