Corporate Business Center & Cie provides card processing & risk management services for merchants worldwide. We are committed to providing highly secure & reliable solutions.

Specializing in high-volume merchant accounts, Corporate Business Center & Cie has an excellent merchant approval ratio. (Around 99%).

Corporate Business Center & Cie can provide a solution tailored for your specific and unique business needs, with processing for 150 countries and all major currencies around the globe.

Corporate Business Center & Cie provides International & Domestic Merchant Accounts for retail businesses, as well as online merchants, including direct marketing, adult, gaming and all other high-risk categories.

Corporate Business Center & Cie provides Internet payment solutions, including credit card merchant accounts and payment gateway services, to Internet merchants anywhere selling their goods and services online in real time.
Corporate Business Center & Cie allows merchants to sell goods and services in multiple currencies, securely, via MasterCard™ and Visa™.
Corporate Business Center & Cie’s affordable solution is compatible with most widely available shopping cart technologies using a state-of-the-art payment gateway.
Corporate Business Center & Cie has alliances and partnerships with major corporations, designed to broaden its offerings and support on a global basis.

In addition to traditional Retail businesses, the Corporate Business Center & Cie can provide support for the following types of transactions :

  • High Risk Merchant Classifications (MCC's)

    • Airlines, Air Carriers
    • Answering Services
    • Audio Text (800/900 Telephone Services)
    • Auto Clubs
    • Bail Bonds
    • Bankruptcy Lawyers/Firms
    • Cellular Telephone Equipment
    • Cellular Telephone Services
    • Clubs and Wholesalers-Buying Shopping Services
    • Clubs-Mernbership Services
    • Collection Agencies/Debt Counseling
    • Cruise Lines
    • Currency Exchanges – Foreign
    • Dating or Escort Services
    • Diet Centers
    • Direct Marketing – Catalog Merchant
    • Direct Marketing – Catalog Merchant/Retail Combined
    • Direct Marketing – Continuity/Subscription/membership
    • Direct Marketing – Inbound Teleservices
    • Direct Marketing – Insurance Services
    • Direct Marketing – Other Direct Marketers
    • Direct Marketing – Outbound Telemarketing
    • Direct Marketing – Travel Related Services
    • Door to Door Sales
    • Electronic Bulletin Board Access
    • Electronic Computer Catalog Merchants
    • Employment and Personnel Agencies/Resume Services
    • Fortune Tellers
    • Gambling Establishments
    • Health Spas/Clubs (with other than monthly billing)
    • Home Furnishings – Furniture
    • Investment Firms-Dealers, Brokers
    • Job Training Services
    • Lottery Tickets
    • Mail Order Houses
    • Membership Organizations (not otherwise classified)
    • Package Tour Operators
    • Pawn Shops
    • Real Estate Agencies
    • Seminars
    • Services-BuyinglShopping Clubs
    • Services-Miscellaneous Personal
    • Tanning Salons (prepaid/packages – other than monthly billing)
    • Travel
    • Travel Agencies, Packagers, Wholesalers
    • Videotext Merchants
    • Vitamin Stores
  • Non-MCC High Risk Merchants*

    • Businesses requiring non-refundable deposits
    • Door to Door Sales (high pressure sales)
    • Investment Opportunities
    • Liquidators
    • Merchants accepting orders via the Internet
    • Merchants who use prizes, gimmicks or sweepstakes to generate incoming calls or sales
    • Motivational and Self-lmprovement Courses
    • Non-Store Front Businesses (kiosks, push carts, etc.)
    • Out of Home Businesses
    • Third Party Processors (Fulfillment Houses)
    • Time Share Sales
    • Water Purification

    Corporate Business Center & Cie’s e-commerce payment processing solution is unique.

    With our service, there is no need for you to form a foreign company or open a foreign bank account anywhere outside of your home country.

    You can also accept payment and have funds settled in currencies other than the U.S. dollar. Corporate Business Center & Cie now offers qualified merchants the ability to accept payment and settle in multiple currencies. For general information about obtaining a merchant account to accept credit cards, please contact us.

Please, note that we are able to set-up an offshore merchant solution for Adult oriented websites, Casinos, and any type of business.

  • We specialize in setting-up and administering compagnies

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us to receive more details.