General Information

The Island of Niue is situated in the South Pacific Ocean on the eastern side of the International Date Line – a short flight from New Zealand. It is a self-governing nation and a British Commonwealth Associate member and as such it has the protection of New Zealand and the British Crown.

Niue enjoys political stability and has a Westminster style Government headed by the Premier. The official commercial language is English and it is steadily developing into a busy and respected member of the offshore fraternity.

Advantages of NIUE IBCS

  • Total secrecy and anonymity.
  • No requirement to disclose beneficial owners and to file annual returns or financial statements.
  • No requirement to hold annual general meetings of shareholders or directors.
  • Full exemption from taxation on any business activity or transaction carried out outside Niue.
  • Speedy incorporation procedures via Regional Registry offices in key worldwide locations, and simple ongoing administration.
  • Complete business privacy and confidentiality.
  • No minimum or maximum capital requirements.
  • Incorporation documents may be drafted in English
  • Company name can be incorporated in Chinese characters as well as Cyrillic script and other accepted language along with a romanized version).
  • Corporate seal optional.
  • Foreign companies can be redomiciled free of any governmental charge as Niue IBCs.

The International Business Companies Act offers a corporate entity, which has the minimum of administration. Total secrecy and anonymity is maintained and there is no requirement to disclose the beneficial owners of the Company. There is no requirement to file annual returns or financial statements, or to hold annual general meetings of the shareholders or directors.

The incorporation procedure is both quick and simple with reasonable formation and maintenance costs and fees.

Company Names

Names can be incorporated in CHINESE characters as well as CYRILLIC script and other language forms (along with a romanized version). Since the jurisdiction of Niue is relatively new, the selection of names available is enormous and all the usual endings may be used, namely: Limited; Ltd.; Corporation; S.A.; Inc.; Incorporation; A/S; AG; NV; B.V.; GmbH; Aktiengesellshaft; etc.


IBCs are exempt from all local tax and stamp duty.

Asset Protection

Maximum security of assets includes the ability to transfer domicile.


There is no requirement for an IBC to file accounting or director information with the Registrar of Companies.


IBC’s can re-acquire and re-issue shares for a consideration other than cash denominated in any currency.


Applications include investment, property holding, financial management, general trading and copyrighting or licensing.

Shelf Companies

We have a number of existing shelf or ready-made companies (both aged and contemporary) for sale. These companies are “clean”; that is to say, they have never traded or engaged in any transactions whatsoever. A letter to this effect (letter of non-activity) will be included with the company documentation.


Our standard broad objects cover most purposes, but if a client prefers a specific object clause, we are able to accommodate his needs. Ultra vires doctrine is applicable.


The standard share capital is US$50,000.00 divided into 50,000 shares with a par value of US$1.00 each. These shares may be issued either as registered shares or bearer shares and this decision lies with the Directors. Capital of US$50,000.00 attracts the minimum registration fee of US$150.00.


It can be one or more and may be corporate bodies or individuals the directors may be of any nationality and may be residents of any country. If required, we would be able to supply nominee Director(s).


Directors and/or shareholders may hold their meetings in any country and they may attend such meetings by proxy.


IBCs may issue shares in one or more currencies; nominative, bearer or non par value and value shares at owner’s option. Neither the directors nor the officers need be shareholders.


The registered office must be in Niue. This is a service we would be happy to provide.


The Company Seal is optional.