Corporate Business Center & Cie is an international market leader in Web site registration. Experts in tailored registration, Corporate Business Center & Cie optimizes your position on the Web, guarantees that your site will be at the top of the hit-list on search tools (Internet search engines and directories) and maintains your ranking.

Corporate Business Center & Cie registers sites in English or French to ensure international visibility.

This is “tailored” registration, the method used by Corporate Business Center & Cie to the exclusion of all others.

The Number One objective of registration is to be present in the databases of search engines and directories so that your site can be found quickly and easily, and especially more easily and higher up the list than your competitors. To achieve this, your site must appear on the first page and, if possible, at the top of the hit-list displayed as a result of a search by keywords or a couple of keywords.

All search engines and directories use the keywords entered by the user to determine which pages will be of greatest interest. But each one has a different way of determining which pages will be displayed. Certain directories use the keywords alone whereas other search engines form a relationship between the keywords, the title, the description and/or the content of the site.

Before registering your site with a search engine, you need to determine through which keywords you want Web users to be able to find your site. Similarly, you need to determine under which heading you want your site to appear in the directories.

Together, we shall determine the most significant keywords that best match the activity described by your Web site.

To do this, we use a highly specialized keyword search method. What’s more, we can have them checked out by a panel of Web-wise surfers.

We also advise you on the choice of title for the pages which will be submitted for registration, and also help you write the description of each page of the site.

Once the pages have been registered, a period ranging from one day to ten weeks, or even longer, can elapse before they appear in the various search engines. We shall carry out a search on the keywords to see when the pages appear and, above all, where they appear in the hit-list.

It is also possible that your site may not appear in the hit-list simply because it is not in the search engine database if the first registration has slipped through the net. In this case, we shall submit your site once again. The registration of your site will be targeted, systematic and repeated over a period of no less than three consecutive months.

In fact, address registration is tailored to the content of the site, its target and the specific features of each of the search engines and directories selected with you.

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