Corporate Business Center & Cie specializes in setting-up and administering companies, both offshore and in the 50 states that make up the United States of America.

In order to be professionally efficient and to assure the highest possible service, we work closely with a large network of people throughout the world who are qualified to find solutions to your specific business needs:

  • To start up an activity whatever its objectives and goals
  • To set up financial planning that includes dealing with inheritance tax solutions entirely adapted to your particular needs.
  • To optimize the overall management of your patrimony
  • To assure the launching, the unicity and the general overseeing of all established legal entities

Corporate Business Center & Cie is here to inform and advise you so that you can make decisions under the best possible conditions. Our job is to indicate the juridical, fiscal or social consequences relative to the establishment of a company. We maintain a privileged relationship with the firms of many chartered accountants and lawyers, enabling us to reply directly and precisely to those questions you need answered.

Corporate Business Center & Cie provides services in a wide range of jurisdictions:

  • British : United Kingdom and Eire (Southern Ireland)
  • American : in 50 states
  • Offshore : Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Panama, Nevis, Niue, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, etc… Other jurisdictions may be made available on demand.

The Corporate Business Center & Cie services involve:

  • The research and reservation of an official company name
  • The setting down of company statutes and contracts
  • Redaction of all types of contracts and other legal forms commonly used by companies
  • The setting-up of a company
  • The subscribing of capital
  • The obtaining of necessary authorizations and approvals
  • The official entry formality with the trade register or equivalent in the country concerned
  • The general setting-up and establishing of the company headquarters
  • The mandating of directors and the keeping of the register of shareholders
  • The running of shareholders’ meetings
  • The printing and distribution of shares
  • The introduction as necessary to banking organizations
  • Services such as bankers order payments and the forwarding of mail coming under: “Business support services”, involving the registration of an official address

And for companies that are Anglo-Saxon resident:

  • Registration with an organization which manages value added tax (V.A.T.)
  • Tax and V.A.T. declarations
  • Administration and correspondence
  • Keeping of accounts ledgers
  • Publication of annual profits and loss accounts